With our many years of experience repairing concrete through concrete lifting, we’ve see a lot of sunken concrete in a lot of different places. While it might seem hard to believe that concrete would be able to sink so much over time, it isn’t too surprising once you understand exactly how it can happen. Here at B&B Concrete Lifting, we like to educate as well as offer the best concrete lifting in Chicago, so read on to find out what makes concrete sink and how we can help fix your sunken concrete.

Soil Washout

Soil washout is one of the main causes of sinking concrete. Over time, as water from rain, snow, irrigation, or flooding moves through the soil underneath your concrete it can pick up this soil and carry it away from its original location. If this washing away is severe enough, or after a long enough period of time, an empty space, also called a void, will form underneath the concrete. Without the support of soil underneath it, the concrete will start to sink. While a little bit of settling is normal, a real void can cause your concrete slabs to drop significantly. After enough time this can also lead to cracks in the slabs.

In addition to having your concrete lifted to fill these voids, B&B Concrete Lifting also recommends looking at the drainage around your home. If possible you should try to ensure that water drains as far away from your foundation and other concrete slabs as possible.  


Compaction is when the soil underneath a slab becomes pressed down over time and brings the slab down with it. This can happen because the slab, or other heavy materials, are placed on top of the soil which eventually results in the soil getting pressed closer and closer together. While this can help prevent soil washout, it also creates a noticeable decrease in the height of the slab that sits on top of it. Much like washout, this can lead to sinking and then cracks.

Unfortunately, with compaction there isn’t a lot that you’re able to do except for having your concrete lifted or repoured. Luckily, lifting is a long-term solution that will keep your concrete at the proper level for many years thanks to the use of our special formula that discourages compaction and washout. It’s also more affordable than brand new concrete.  

What is the Solution to Sinking Concrete?

With our concrete lifting services from B&B, you’ll be able to see your concrete restored to its original, flat condition. Not only does concrete lifting make your concrete look better, but it also makes your property safer and can help keep water from draining into places where it might do a lot of damage. So if you have concrete around your property that has started to sink and crack, call us today. If we’re able to fix it before it gets too bad, we can save you the time, money, and hassle of having to repour your concrete.