1. Why Does Concrete Crack?

    As leading concrete repair contractors in the Chicago area, we are often asked, “Why does concrete crack in the first place?” Our clients want to know how to prevent their driveways, sidewalks, patios, and garage floors from needing future concrete crack repairs. The bad news is that all concret…Read More

  2. How to Find a Concrete Repair Company You Can Trust

    Trying to find someone you can trust to help you take care or repair your home or anything on your property can be difficult. While checking with your friends and family members to see who they have used in the past is a great place to start, it might not paint the whole picture. Online reviews have…Read More

  3. Keep Your Concrete in Good Shape This Winter

    Winter is on its way, which means that the temperatures are going to start dropping fast. While concrete is an incredibly strong material that can tolerate a lot of abuse, it isn’t impervious to the cold and the effects of winter. At B&B Concrete Lifting in Chicago, we understand how and why t…Read More

  4. Selling Your Home? Repair Your Concrete For a Great ROI!

    Selling your home can feel like a process that never ends. Once you tackle one problem another arises. If you are working on repairing or replacing items or parts of your home to net you the largest possible return on investment, repairing your concrete is a great place to start. With help from the …Read More

  5. Get Your Driveway and Sidewalks Ready for Spring and Summer

    While we could (and probably will) have more snowy days and nights before spring really settles in on the Chicago area, it’s never too early to start looking around your home to see what kind of work needs to be done to make sure that your property is safe and looks good. While many of us are look…Read More

  6. Can I Have My Driveway Concrete Lifted?

    Your driveway puts up with a lot of punishment throughout the year. Not only do your drive your vehicles on it every day, you have to clear snow and ice off of it during the winter, and you might use it when you play basketball. While some of these activities are more damaging than others, over time…Read More

  7. Why You Need to Repair Sidewalk Trip Hazards

    Maybe you live in a neighborhood without a lot of foot traffic or maybe you aren’t too concerned with the way your sidewalk looks because you don’t spend a lot of time out front. Whatever the reason you have for letting your sidewalk start to sink, you should take care of it sooner rather than l…Read More

  8. Concrete Lifting for Apartment Buildings

    If you own an apartment building, or you’re responsible for the maintenance of the grounds and the building, you probably have dozens of things to attend to everyday. While many of them are the standard, day-to-day concerns, some larger projects can go for a long time before you get to them becaus…Read More

  9. Concrete Leveling at Your Business

    As a business owner, you know just how important it is to maintain a good appearance. Everything from your uniforms to your signage to your building has to present the right look to people. Making a good first impression is especially important in a world of increasing competition, so you have to ma…Read More

  10. How We Level Old Concrete Floors

    A sinking concrete floor is one of the most frustrating and vexing problems you’ll have to deal with as a homeowner. Even if the sinking concrete floor is just your garage, you’ll soon start to worry that it is only going to get worse unless you do something about it. But how do you unsink a sla…Read More