Help improve the way that your home or business looks while also making it safer for your friends, family members, and neighbors to use the sidewalk with concrete repair from B&B Concrete Lifting. Our fast and efficient process reverses years of erosion and fills in voids that have caused your concrete slabs to sink and crack.

Call us to set up an appointment for our team to inspect your sidewalk, as well as any other concrete that needs to be repaired. We will prepare an estimate for you, as well as discuss how our process works.

When we start working, you will probably be surprised at how quickly and efficiently we work. In order to lift your concrete slabs, we will drill a small hole through the concrete (which will be patched afterwards) in order to pump a special water-resistant material under the slabs that will lift them back up to their proper, level positions. Once the material hardens (after a matter of hours), you will be able to use your sidewalk again, and you won’t have to worry about the slab sinking again.

Contact us today to learn more about sidewalk and other concrete repairs in the St. Charles and Fox Valley areas!