Whether you have seen your concrete patio start to sink recently, or it has been a problem for years, now is the right time to call B&B Concrete Lifting.

There are many reasons that concrete can start to sink, tilt, and crack. The most common causes are soil compaction caused by the weight of your concrete, and erosion, which can be caused by the natural movement of water through soil or by drainage issues.

Regardless of the cause, when we fill a void with our special concrete lifting material, the slabs will rise back up to the proper level and stay there. Unlike new slabs, which may not correct the underlying problems of compaction or erosion, this material resists being washed out or squished down.

Another benefit of our concrete lifting is that it requires much less time than new slabs, and a much smaller crew. You won’t have to worry about your landscaping being damaged or your street being clogged up by a bunch of work trucks for days at a time. Almost every job can be completed in one day, and you will be able to use your patio within a couple hours, not a couple days.

We will inspect your slabs and provide you with an estimate that covers all work and materials, so please call us for patio repairs in the St. Charles and Fox Valley area today!