At B & B Concrete Lifting, we want to help you keep the concrete around your home safe and looking great for many years to come. If your garage floor has started to crack, or if you’ve noticed that it’s tilted or uneven, then give our concrete repair contractors a call today!

A member of our Chicago-based team will come to your home, examine the damage to your garage floor, and provide a free estimate for repairs on-the-spot. We use concrete lifting to repair concrete, which is cheaper, faster, and easier than total slab replacement — and the results typically last for just as long.

With a small crew size and a simple, quick process, we’ll minimize the disruption to your home and schedule. To repair your garage floor, we’ll drill a small hole through your concrete and pump a special water-resistant material underneath the slabs to level them out. Then we patch the hole and fill in the cracks with quick-drying material. In a matter of hours, your garage floor will be ready to use again!

If you’re a homeowner in the St. Charles or Fox Valley area, then contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation assessment and receive your estimate for concrete repair!