1. Reimagine Your Garage However You Want!

    Most people use their garage for keeping their cars safe from the elements, but if you have other ideas for the space, such as a home gym or a workshop, a level floor is a must-have. If the floor is cracked or uneven, it can make for a less-than-ideal workout area or workspace. At B&B Concrete L…Read More

  2. Help Water Drain Off Your Driveway

    If your driveway is cracked or uneven, the possibility of standing water can be significantly increased. Water may run to the middle of the concrete, instead of running off into the street as it should. This can create a number of problems, including cars with wet or muddy tires being driven into y…Read More

  3. Improve Curb Appeal With a Repaired Sidewalk

    When the sidewalk in front of your home was poured, it was level, even, and appealing. You, your relatives, and your neighbors could use it without fear of tripping or falling. However, as the years have passed, sections of the sidewalk have begun to sink or crack, leading to uneven surfaces and dan…Read More

  4. No More Uneven Concrete Steps

    Many homes have steps, and each set of stairs is designed a bit differently, no matter if they're made of wood, composite, or concrete. Many older homes have concrete steps leading to the front door, and many of these steps were poured at the same time as the front sidewalk. Over time, years of use …Read More

  5. Make Your Backyard Patio Usable Again

    When you built your home, however long ago that was, one of the main features you made sure was included was the backyard patio. You envisioned summer evenings sitting out there, enjoying food and drink with friends and family. Unfortunately, over the years, the concrete that comprises your patio ha…Read More

  6. Expert Garage Floor Repair

    Your garage is a multipurpose space, serving as a place to park your car or truck, work on DIY projects, and store your extra belongings. If the floor isn't level, or there are large cracks in the concrete, it can be difficult to park a vehicle, safely install cabinets, or properly stack boxes. At B…Read More

  7. Has Your Driveway Begun to Crack?

    When you built your home, you most likely had the driveway poured at the same time. If it’s been a few years since you moved in, you may have noticed that your driveway isn’t as level as it once was, and that cracks have begun to appear in certain places. When that happens, your first thought mi…Read More